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Production results of refinery for 2013
Friday, 21 February 2014
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Sunflower processing


Sunflower processed, ton

26 485

own sunflower, ton

12 052

side sunflower, ton

14 433

Oil refined, ton

10 991

Oil yield



It was the first time in 2013, when Agroliga’s oil refinery worked full year after completing the upgrade and installing a second production line in 2012.
During the year, 26,485 tons of sunflower was processed, including grown in Agroliga farms - 12,052 tons and including purchased from other farmers -14 433 tons. In 2013, processing totaled 17,600 tons. Production growth was 51 %.
It was received 10,991 tons of crude oil, mainly sold to domestic industrial consumers. Average oil yield was 42 %.



Despite the good performance of last year, it could be even better. In 2013 refinery work was limited by:

- The beginning of the processing season was delayed due to lingering autumn rains for 1.5 months;
- Wet raw material was not allowed to work in October and November at full capacity without further drying.
These factors impact on the whole oil and fat industry of Ukraine, but temporary losses due to the rains were offset by the quality of new refinery equipment.
- Launching a new steam boiler in 2013 required decline in processing with in 2 months on technology requirements to run this equipment.

Equipment changes

During the summer maintenance in 2013 stocks of finished products were mechanized, which resulted in loading rate increased by 8 times, and the volume of finished product storage for 120 tons sunflower cake and 70 tons of sunflower oil. The modernization was required because of significant increase in production of oil refining factory.

In addition, increased production volumes required to install additional equipment for the preparation of raw materials. During August, 2013 there were installed additional rollers and stainless steel elevators, that will not only increase the capacity, but also will minimize the loss of raw materials In addition, there was done the replacement of separator equipment for more powerful.
As well, it was built and equipped a new steam boiler. The boiler starting gave an opportunity to increase the heat efficiency of the heating equipment by 10-12 % on account of switching heat quickly between the end-users, and the installed automation allows to minimize the risks associated with the human factor.


Modernization is finished

In 2013, production lines have been optimized and then the modernization was finished. Installing the boiler station was the last of the major improvements of the plant. According to the general plan of development of the company in the near future, only minor improvements in the production process will be taken. The following major changes in production will be associated with the transition to oil extraction technology, which is scheduled in 2015.

Expansion of production allowed to establish trade links with all major buyers of crude oil in Ukraine, expanding the geography of deliveries of products from Eastern Ukraine to all regions. Agroliga became more recognizable between major suppliers and major customers, that gives the opportunity to obtain the best conditions for transactions as a result.

2014 plans

In 2014 launched the export expanding program, which will help to minimize currency risks and grant direct access to the major markets of Europe and Asia. First contracts with Indian companies have been already signed, as well as there several agreements with different countries in process.
To prevent possible out ages this year will be purchased and installed in the warehouses of raw materials more drying machines, which will provide required capacity of raw sunflower preparation.


Production forecasts for 2014 will be published, as usual, in May-June, 2014.