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Agro planning for 2014 finished
Friday, 07 February 2014
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Agroliga specialists have completed the formation of the crop plan for 2014. Like last year, the focus will be mainly on industrial crops - sunflower and rapeseed. Sunflower planting is planned for 1956 ha, winter rape planted on 646 hectares, and winter wheat - on 904 ha. Barley will be planted on 1,305 hectares, maize - on 601 ha.

Great emphasis will be made this season on maize. In 2014, the program begins to increase corn yield at which there is a good reserve for growth. Last year, its yield was 3.31 t / ha with an average in Kharkov region - 4.9 t / ha. It should be noted that corn, unlike sunflower is not a specialization of our farms, and still did not have a significant commercial value, being used for the purpose of crop rotation. Since 2010, its area ranged from 4% to 6% of cultivated land. At the same time profitability of this crop raised in the last two years, and it makes to look at her more closely, and in 2014, the Group's management will do the best to put it on a commercial footing.


In December and January, the Agricultural Department of Agroliga held meetings and consultations with all major producers and distributors of hybrid seeds, plant protection products and fertilizers, which concluded with the signing of contracts for 2014 for all these positions. We are proud to announce that the agreements do not require additional funding during sowing and early summer , which is the result of long-term partnerships with suppliers and undoubted success of our purchasing department . Similar contracts have been signed this year with suppliers of fuel and lubricants .

Also in this season offered by the partners and approved for use in three new agricultural technologies for growing sunflowers, which will be discussed in more detail in the spring.


Hryvnia Weakening, which occurred during the last month , was an added advantage for exports of the Group. So, now contracted to export 1,000 tonnes of oil to India over the next 3 months, with the price determined in U.S. dollars. The results of this supply may be decided to expand cooperation, since Indian companies are showing continued interest in the purchase of Ukrainian food.