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Preliminary results of the agricultural year - overcoming difficulties
Thursday, 05 December 2013
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This week were summarized results of agricultural year.


Сhairman of the board of directors Agroliga group, Mr. Alexander Berdnik in his speech to employees said:

"Summing up the year 2013, I can say that the weather conditions this year have become a real challenge for the agricultural market operators in Eastern Ukraine. Agroliga group was no exception.

Thus, this year was extremely dry spring. Complete absence of rainfall during the period lasted from March 20 to June 17 has a very negative impact on the young shoots of winter and spring crops.

However, thanks to well-coordinated teamwork of specialists we were able to achieve optimum planting density and conducting timely fertilizing frozen shoots using liquid fertilizers, we were able to stimulate the growth of crops, thus we were able to keep most of the acreage, while receiving the highest yield.

No less difficult was the situation during the autumn field works. Continuing throughout September and October rains significantly pushed the timeline sunflower and maize, jeopardizing not only the timely sowing of winter rapeseed and wheat, but also possible crop damage.

The company's management has directed all its efforts on the timely completion of the harvest. Through daily monitoring of humidity, as well as modern high-harvesting machinery «John Deere», we managed to harvest as soon as possible, making it possible to complete timely and finished autumn soil preparation to sow winter crops in optimal temperature and humidity conditions.

With the right management decisions, in particular modified on time structure of the crops, despite all the obstacles was obtained excellent crop of sunflowers and wheat - the main crops, which specializes Agroliga group in.

Wheat were harvested 5783,4 tons from an area of 1790 ha, the average yield of 4,47 t/ha. 1956,5 tons of barley harvested from 910 hectares with an average yield of 2,15 t/ha. Corn – 1180,21 tons from 357 hectares, yield was 3,31 t/ha. Rape – 1048,8 tonnes from 460 hectares, yield was 2,28 t/ha.

On the area of 2904 hectares, we collected 12 051,6 tons of sunflower, which corresponds to 4,15 t/ha. Despite continuous rains during the gathering and prolonged by three additional weeks season Agroliga workers managed to keep a high yield for this key culture.

Traditionally, our sunflower refers to high-oleic breeds, ideal for processing in our refining factory, which for three quarters of 2013 has already processed half times more seeds than the same period last year. This year oil refining is the locomotive of our development.

Efforts this year in the livestock sector were aimed at increasing yields. Thanks to last year's infusion into the herd of Holsteins high-milk breed, average yields on the farm for 2013 projected at one 6750l per cow (for 2012 - 6300). In this year again were used preserved in polypropylene corn that has significantly improved the yields of winter.

With the increase of the herd, one of the areas that we want to develop - producing own dairy products, which starts in the summer of 2014. This will allow us to bring our milk, one of the best in the area, directly to the end consumer.

I want to thank all of our employees, which, despite the severe weather conditions, have such high performance to be proud of.”