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2013-2015 strategy
Wednesday, 12 June 2013
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The Board of Agroliga Group.("Issuer" or "Agroliga") hereby publishes the key strategies of the development plan adopted by the Issuer's Board regarding the the Capital Group for 2013-2015.


The goal of the plan for 2013-2015 is ensuring a growth in the value of Agroliga Group. The key plan of Agroliga Group is creating vertical food processing holding joining the group of leading suppliers offood in Kharkov region, third most populous region in Ukraine (almost 3 mln people). Implementation of this strategy will be conduct in three areas.


1)    One of the main part of this strategy is developing oil refinery and significant increasing this segment in result of company. Agroliga Group will be conduct this task by increasing capacity from 55 000 tons to 70 000 tons in 2015 and - up to 100 000 tons until 2017 accordingly. Agroliga plans to be produce more profitable products through implementation of new technology of oil extraction and in the long term perspective starting of bottling oil.


2)    Agroliga Group plans to be mostly use own sunflower seeds for production what allow to better control prices of raw material and finally to achieve a better margin. For this Company will be expand land bank to 12,3 ths ha. and will be actively working for significant increasing of efficiency and yields crops.


3)    Company will be also develop dairy farm. Besides significant increasing of cowherd to 1400 cows Agroliga will be establish production of processing products. In plan of company is a starting dry milk and soft chesse.


The indicated strategies of the development of Agroliga Group under no circumstances constitute a projection or estimates of financial results of the Issuer or its Group. The quoted figures relating to the future constitute no projections or estimates, but only goals which the Issuer and its Group wish to accomplish. The detail financial guidelines for 2013 will be published to the end of second quarter.


The structure of funding investment plan will be mixed. Company considering to use own funds, debt and other external funding.


A more detailed description of the adopted development plan was attached as the Board's table "Development Plan of Agroliga Group for 2013-2015" as an attachment to this report and is available on the Issuer's website.

More detail here.